Fujian PX project has shifted nearly 30,000 explosion

Wearing masks can smell the pungent odor of strong winds cause fire repeatedly
Reporters from Zhangzhou Gulei PX project deflagration accident site disposal headquarters learned that, after three tanks exploding, 8 am, the fourth tank fires exploding fire scene. Reporters on the scene, the fire is still burning, smoke billowing smoke, despite wearing a mask, or be able to smell the pungent odor.
At 18:56 on the 6th, Zhangzhou Ligure Tamron xylene aromatics unit spill fire accident occurred, causing a nearby device intermediate tank (2) of the three tanks burst combustion, which are 607 tanks and 608 cubic keep oil tank deposit 2000 6000 cubic meters of heavy naphtha oil tank, keep the oil tank 610 4000 cubic severity entire tank.
Earlier, three storage tanks experienced extinguish the fire, resurgence, and then extinguished, and then re-ignition of the situation.
The 7th night, Fujian Meteorological Observatory issued a gale warning yellow, 7-8 in the northeasterly roared the smoke generated by blowing PX deflagration accident Dongshan Island Zhangzhou direction. Zhangzhou City Administration Center for Emergency, panel members said the accident , wind is an important cause of the fire repeatedly. "Accident location at the beach, the wind is relatively large, it is easy to damage the foam blanket to give it recrudescence create opportunities. The tank temperature is relatively high, there are thousands of degrees when burned."
Yesterday morning, the accident disposal headquarters expand the scope of the mass evacuation, has transferred more than 14,000 people. Reporters at the scene saw the resurgence of tanks after the fire is still very fierce, according to the new rescue plan, prepared a rescue 50,000 sand bags shipped to the site. The most feared thing happened. 8 am, the occurrence of the fourth and final tank 609 cans deflagration accident severity of the whole region exploding tank fire. The jars obviously broken body, the actual reservoir of about 1,500 tons. This incident handling is undoubtedly worse. Currently the site is still being carried out and extinguishing them.
Fujian official
Outfall undetected BTEX
Fujian Provincial Oceanic and Fishery Department briefing on the 8th, 6th and 7th, the ancient mine petrochemical base in warm water outfall not detected benzene, toluene and xylene; the concentration of oil in line with the second class water quality standards, monitoring results and 2014 consistent monitoring results. It is understood, Fujian Provincial Department of Ocean and Fisheries has laid nine emergency stations located in the ancient mine waters surrounding plants.
Fujian Maritime Safety Administration sources said, have been deployed to the local marine antifouling power Xing Haida (Zhangzhou) Shipping Services Ltd. of six Thousand and clean-up vessels and Xiamen Shipping Co. of two clean-up vessels, carrying clean-up equipment in the field conduct surveillance or standby, has been laid in the waters near the pier about 13 meters long booms; while assigning Xiamen Tonghai Shipping Co. make emergency standby.
Around the site
Black masks heaven stock
Overnight, Shanwei villages Gulei Tsai Dai village, surrounded by bamboo villages seems to have become a ghost town. Dai Tsai Village location twenty-three kilometers away from exploding, after the incident, the original bustling streets empty, hastily packed parcels, put the latch, defected to the relatives and friends to go. Street house door closed, the hotel is also close thank. Dai Huang Tsai farming village on the ten thousand hippocampus, all of a sudden overnight floated, some died.
Tongling Town Dongshan County and across the ancient, reporters found that the ground under the rain accumulation from pools of dark color of the rain. On the Internet, many residents feeling Dongshan, Dongshan morning on the 7th of "Black Rain", was also served in the basin will rain, it looks like ink.